Tips for Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

As the new year arrives, our sense of purpose and wellbeing rejuvenates, and with it comes new goals and dreams to achieve a healthier and better you. But, why are New Year resolutions so hard to sustain?

Failure to thrive in our New Year resolutions can stem from a few basic issues:

Trying to do too much at one time

We get excited, we make a list and we're determined to take on all these new challenges that will allow us to grow as individuals, but then a week or two passes and we start to feel a sense of defeat as we discover that we aren't successful at implementing a lot of these new changes into our lives. We might even start to feel burnt out or find ourselves thinking, "There's no way I can do this," or "I'm not going to be able to achieve the body I want."

Sometimes, we try to incorporate too many changes at once instead of just focusing on a single, specific goal first. It's important to make sure that our resolutions are set at realistic expectations, which means giving ourselves the chance to perform a new skill or habit consistently before practicing a new one. Implementing too many changes at one time can be overwhelming and stressful, which can lead to burn out. It also can take away from us following through with a proper plan to create those changes.

If you want to achieve a new goal, a good plan to follow includes these steps:

  • Identify the skills needed to achieve the desired goal. (Example: time management)
  • Identify the practice that will help you build those skills. (Example: make time to work out)
  • Identify the small actions that you can do daily and consistently that will eventually turn into new habits. (Example: marking a calendar for designated gym times)

Being too hard on ourselves

As we journey through this new year and this new lifestyle, it's important to understand that we are human. Humans are imperfect, and sometimes our consistency can waver.

Our lack of practice can create negative self-talk, which can allow us to believe that we are not capable of performing the actions needed to achieve our desired goals. This lack of belief can affect our overall mindset to the new year and can allow us to fall back into the ease of our old habits.

It's important to understand that being perfect is unattainable and the idea of it is what we want to stay away from. It is okay to miss your gym time before work one day because you wanted the extra time to sleep in. You can acknowledge that the extra hours of sleep were great and that you will get back to your gym routine the next day.

Focus on your process more than the possible outcome. Continue to incorporate daily actions that will lead you to your goals and know that it's okay if there are some days where this doesn't happen.

A new year is always exciting and inspiring. With any goal, create enjoyable, daily actions to help you stay motivated along your new journey. Eat food that is good and good for you. And, live life fully.